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Why Do SEO & Social Media Work Better Together

By on Jan 29, 2016 in Social Media Management, Video |

Social media and SEO are both linked to each other. They both form chains in which one comes back to the other. Great content, for example, can create attraction for web traffic. When social media decides to share this content, it can end up creating links back to the original content as well. But then how does this social media and SEO strategy tend to break at times? In this video, Mark and Eric explain the exact problems faced during coordination between SEO and social media, as per their experience. While talking to each other, they discuss the problems and how to solve them.

How to Use Social Media for SEO

Social media and SEO should be brought under the same umbrella for companies that create their digital media campaigns. They must not be kept separate from each other, as both are used to drive traffic towards one’s website. An element of SEO needs to exist in each one of our online activities. Social media marketing continues to mature with the years, and as this happens, its impact on SEO of a website becomes clearer. There are more ways in which social media marketing activities can help in SEO, which can be seen in this video. It shows how sites other than Facebook and LinkedIn can also be used for social media marketing.


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