How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Social media certainly affects SEO in more ways than anyone. It has both direct and indirect effects, especially on search engine rankings. Social sharing and creation of content affects SEO in several ways. With the help of content, information about a product or service can be visualized around the world. The correlation between social media activity and SEO has been explained mathematically in this video. Data from social media websites such as Facebook Topsy and Google +1 has been collected here and shown in the form of a bar diagram. Another way of using social media for SEO benefit is provision of personalized searches.

Premium WordPress themes

Usage of premium WordPress themes is taught here. From the WordPress dashboard, themes are selected under appearances. Here the user has already downloaded premium WordPress themes on his desktop. From here, he selects a particular theme. One of the folders has the theme, while others are only plugins. The theme is then installed from location. After looking at the theme, the user notices that it is old. Therefore he presses a button to customise the same. The next step is to install the e panel, which is explained by the user. Tools are then imported, to check if the theme is working fine. After this, installation of plugins from desktop is shown. Finally e panelsetting are replaced with sample data values.


Premium WordPress themes are the way to go

In the last half a decade or so, WordPress has earned quite a lot of popularity as a platform for publishing and open source blogging. This easy to use platform comes with several free plugins and hems that have boosted the level of popularity and attraction that leads to the abundant usage of WordPress among several computer and internet users. There is surely a few good quality WordPress themes available free of charge, but these free themes only provide some basic designs and simple functions. For first-time users, these free themes were OK, but for more advanced users, free themes were just not enough. 2015-07-27 11-03-53

But since the last 8 years or so, some expert theme developers, who have been working with WordPress, have started offering high-quality premium WordPress themes at a certain fixed price. The cost of these premium WordPress themes was usually around USD 50.00 and USD 250.00.

In the beginning stage of this concept of premium themes, only some well known and talented theme designers for WordPress took it upon themselves to release Premium WordPress themes which had a unique design, enjoyed high levels of functionality, and transformed a simple and standard WordPress blog into a wonderfully designed content management system. But with the increasing popularity of Premium WordPress themes, several new general theme designers have stepped into this field to reap benefits from this new age concept. Their portfolios are full to the brim with wonderfully designed Premium WordPress themes. 2015-07-27 11-05-37

But with the huge number and greater varieties of premium WordPress themes, quality levels have also seen some form of variance. So how would you know which WordPress theme to choose and which one to avoid? How to ascertain whether the investment will be a successful one or not? Read on to find out more about the answer to this question.

Unique quality, sophistication and design

Premium WordPress themes should be of a premium quality. Their look should be unique and sophisticated, so as to attract a huge number of followers and visitors to the blog. Free themes might not be adequate for someone with such an objective.

Live preview or demo of the theme

Before you finalise and launch a certain theme with your blog in it, you need first to test it properly with the help of a live demo or preview. If the designer cannot provide you with a preview, then don’t pay him and don’t accept his work. Chances are he has plagiarised the concept.

Documents to support the theme

The premium WordPress themes, which you pay for, should be accompanied by a document or a manual of some kind. This document must be able to teach you about how you can upload and then install said theme, and how to manage change all the options and settings. 2015-07-27 11-06-49
Proper technical support

If recently you have purchased a WordPress theme, then the designer himself should be able to provide you with the necessary technical support you may need for the purpose of using the theme in a proper way, or troubleshooting problems if any arise.


Does social media help with SEO?

Does social networking really help with search engine optimization? Well, yes and no. It can help drive traffic, but the search engines don’t consider it part of SEO. Matt Cutts, head of Google SPAM team tells us they use the data from social sites in order to determine how high to rank your website. Bing also uses data from social networks to determine where to place you in the search results.

So, in a manner of speaking, yes, social media is important to SEO only because search engines are now looking at the quantity of traffic you receive. They also pay attention to the amount one article gets in “shares”, “likes” or “tweets.” The more content is shared, the higher up on the SERPs your page goes. A search engine optimisation company in Melbourne provides the exact content and social standing for your website to perform in the search engines.

Since the beginning of the web, around 1992, it was necessary to provide keyword rich content several times a day to get to the top of the page results. Now, the Internet is filled with so much content, search engines are looking for quality content, not quantity, usually 1000 to 3000 word in-depth articles. They will rank you on the first page of the search engines if you have a page loaded with content.  They are calling it content marketing and it is fast becoming widely popular.

Website design companies in Melbourne are well aware of these facts. That’s why they encourage their clients to use social media, whether you like it or not. If you want your website to rank well in the search results, you’ll use social media.

What Does Google Say About Social Media and SEO?

According to Matt Cutts’ exact words:

“Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages in our web index so if something occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it, then we can return that in our search results. But as far as doing special specific work to sort of say “you have this many followers on Twitter or this many likes on Facebook”, to the best of my knowledge we don’t currently have any signals like that in our web search ranking algorithms.”

Cutts’ also said on May 2010 they didn’t use social for page ranking, then in December of 2010, he said they did use it for page ranking and finally in January of 2014 he said they don’t use it for page ranking. So, assuming he’s right, youstill shouldn’t neglect social networking!

It makes a big difference to page ranking on the search engines, and not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo, as well. Plus, it makes a big difference in traffic. The more your content is shared, the more traffic you receive from the search engines.  However, it can make a difference in SEO, but not as prevalent as the mention of your site on social networks.

You still need keywords, LSI words, and related keywords in your content as well as metadata, authorship and other behind the scene coding. You can post content to your website, but be sure you also post links to it from the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

So, no, social media doesn’t make a difference to SEO, but it does alter the amount of traffic you receive. The more traffic you receive, the higher on the search results your website goes.

Although, Google says they don’t use social media for ranking, the traffic resulting from sharing does affect your search engine results.

Things to Consider When Designing a Website

In this modern society, the continuous widespread of using modern technology is very much observable. The use of online services is the most used by the modern people. This can be possible through the help of websites designed by single or group of entities. From our experience working with SEO Company Melbourne – SearchMG I have learnt that It can be visited and can be functioned through the use of internet connection. Many companies are dealing in website designing, you can easily get cheap website design company in Melbourne to get professional assistance in the complete process of designing website for your business. Websites constitute the so called World Wide Web.

cheap website design company

A website comprises several web pages that establish different documents mainly plain text written in scattered manner guided by the organized instructions of HTML and XHTML. Websites play a vital role on the part of every individual especially for business purposes. However, you can have your own website for your own objective. You just need to consider the most important steps so that you can be creative to design one.

First step: Decide your name of domain or area-you have to think and decide on your domain as it will serve as your home address for the website. You have to decide painstakingly in this matter because it will signify your trademark or brand. You can prefer to use simple name so you can correspond it with youtube and other social networking sites. Don’t make this very fast. Try to familiarize with other registration tips for your domain and know those open guides that can help you to design one website.

Second step: choose Company that will represent your web-the company that will represent you will be in-charged to house your site and will offer you space to design web pages anything you want to connect. There are companies that are deceiving with regards to their features, though most of them have similar services. It will be practical if you begin with the lowest monthly proposal because advancement is easier.

Third step: start designing-the total outcome of your website design will be determined on what kind would like. For instance, you want to have a blog, you can use the built-in templates that fall with blogging aspect.

It is possible even if you are not familiar with coding-you have to research on the theme that you want to use then you can activate it. Make your website always ready to operate. There is alternative way if you do not like to use WordPress, you can design your website through the use of guideline method or any web design.

It is important that you have decided already the kind of website you want to create.  There are several websites that you can choose to design. In designing your own website do not be afraid to commit a bit of mistakes, it is normal especially to beginners, however, you must be creative enough to make your own so that it will be easier for you to get the attention of the website users and visitors. If you are ready to create and design your website, you can start now.

Tips For Designing A Website That Attracts Return Customers

In the business world, attracting a customer remains one of the greatest challenges. After attracting the client, the greatest challenge then becomes retaining them. Of course technological advances might seem like the savior that made marketing a product to would be buyers easier. With the assistance of renowned search engine optimization company in Melbourne one can surely attract as well as retain the customers. But this too has its cons unless one has the necessary tips for designing a website that attracts return customers. In brief, after having won your client’s confidence, you still need to get them back for your progress.This in itself can only work when you do the following;

  • Make your site easy to find- The truth is; people no longer have time to spend searching for what takes eternity. They only go through the first listings and are done. This means your product has to be ranked high if you need to generate sales. To improve on this, you have to; (1)- use the right keywords. (2)- Use affiliate links. (3)- Use the Vertical Search Engines.
  • Search Engine Advertising- If you are low on cash, the best thing to do is sign up for a search engine advertising service. Most customers type errors during their search. When this happens, ensure they end up on your site by activating the customer reward error.
  • Use offline ads to trigger search- While plenty of individuals spend more of their time online, there are others who still use newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, brochures and direct mail in addition to going online. While advertizing in these medium, leave links to make it easier for them when they get online.
  • Keep your email marketing campaign from becoming spam- You need to invest on keeping spam at bay. Your customers do not need spam messages and you must therefore honor their wish.
  • Get into the social media- There is no denying the fact that a number of people link using the social media. Nowadayssocial media management melbourne social media management in Melbourne has become one of the prominent aspects of promotion.Through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can help promote a product or service by giving links during heated conversations, exchanges and tutorials. Post editorials about your product in a way that will help build the reputation of the company as well as promote the workers’ expertise.
  • Good content- Displaying a product on itself is advertising, but this is insufficient information for customers. They need to know more about it by reading good descriptions. This makes good content a must. Creative content can be more appealing to the audience. You may try humor too so that the laughter keeps them coming back every more often.
  • Join blogs- Launch your own blog to encourage your customers to come back. By getting current on the day to day happenings, your readers will get anxious and this is the time to introduce your product to them.

Offer e-learning- It is no longer expensive to offer online courses to your clients. Invest in e-learning and reach out to people in the remotest parts of the planet. Use material that is likely to fuel their interest and take the opportunity to introduce your product and services. You are in business to make profit; you have to do just that.

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