Web Design: Development vs Design

This video explains the main differences between the website designing and development. Though both are completely different still they go hand in hand. Without one the other is incomplete. With the video as a tutorial you can understand how to manage a web site with designing and development processes. This is the best way to make a vivid draft of business development. The video is quite unique to make the beginners understand the significance of both the designing and development in a perfect manner. It explains web designing and development in a simple manner, allowing even new persons to understand these varied concepts.


Web Design from a WordPress theme with Photoshop

A majority of web developers utilize WordPress to design websites. It is by far the most popular and effective way of designing websites. You can choose from the large variety of WordPress themes available for website designing. As a web developer, if you are looking for ideas and tips regarding using WordPress for website designing, eva-designs is the perfect stop for you. The blog has a number of articles and video posts that can help you in all aspects of website designing using WordPress. Watch the video for some useful information on how you can be an expert at web designing using WordPress, Photoshop and GIMP. It explains in detail the process involved and the essential steps to be taken.


Best Corporate & Business WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the best companies to create website design. Almost all website designers are trained on the use of WordPress. The reasons for its popularity include the large number of plug-ins and the huge variety of themes. For the purpose of business, it is best to make use of premium WordPress themes. They give the website a professional appearance, making it useful for impressing all kinds of clients. You can take an overview of some of these themes in this video. Choose the one that fits your business in the best possible manner. The features of each of these WordPress premium themes have also been described in short.

WordPress SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

A social media is a platform for many technology derived prospects. It is quite important for us to understand how to export the WordPress designs/themes and on page SEO skills through the latest trends. When we speak about SEO, the first thing which strikes our mind is the effects in ranking it causes to the website linked with it. WordPress on the other hand is considered as a backbone to any website in the field of modern websites. Earlier it used to be different, but with a huge time shift, modern website’s layout has changed too. Through this blog and video attached, you can learn a lot of stated things which will eventually end in helping you at the same time.

WordPress Themes Premium

Over the last two to three years, demand for WordPress Premium themes has really skyrocketed. Now a large number of WordPress themes are available, and this makes the purchaser even tougher for purchasers. There are certain focus areas which much be looked at, before choosing a theme. Typography is an important part, and so is the overall look. Check for inadequate line height and font sizes. See if the theme suits your business or not. For this reason, a large number of WordPress Premium themes are shown in the video. With this, one gets a fair idea of the available variety.

Why Do SEO & Social Media Work Better Together

Social media and SEO are both linked to each other. They both form chains in which one comes back to the other. Great content, for example, can create attraction for web traffic. When social media decides to share this content, it can end up creating links back to the original content as well. But then how does this social media and SEO strategy tend to break at times? In this video, Mark and Eric explain the exact problems faced during coordination between SEO and social media, as per their experience. While talking to each other, they discuss the problems and how to solve them.

How to Use Social Media for SEO

Social media and SEO should be brought under the same umbrella for companies that create their digital media campaigns. They must not be kept separate from each other, as both are used to drive traffic towards one’s website. An element of SEO needs to exist in each one of our online activities. Social media marketing continues to mature with the years, and as this happens, its impact on SEO of a website becomes clearer. There are more ways in which social media marketing activities can help in SEO, which can be seen in this video. It shows how sites other than Facebook and LinkedIn can also be used for social media marketing.


Web Design from a WordPress Theme

WordPress has earned quite a lot of popularity in the last half a decade or so. It is an open source platform for publishing and blogging. This platform is easy to use and comes with several free plug-ins and themes. These plug-ins and themes have boosted the level of support and attraction from the bloggers, which has increased the usage of WordPress among internet users. There are some good qualities. WordPress themes available free of charge, but these free themes only provide some basic designs and simple functions. These free themes are best for first-time users, but if you are an advanced user, then free themes are just not enough. Usage of premium WordPress themes is taught in this case.


How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Social media certainly affects SEO in more ways than anyone. It has both direct and indirect effects, especially on search engine rankings. Social sharing and creation of content affects SEO in several ways. With the help of content, information about a product or service can be visualized around the world. The correlation between social media activity and SEO has been explained mathematically in this video. Data from social media websites such as Facebook Topsy and Google +1 has been collected here and shown in the form of a bar diagram. Another way of using social media for SEO benefit is provision of personalized searches.

Premium WordPress themes

Usage of premium WordPress themes is taught here. From the WordPress dashboard, themes are selected under appearances. Here the user has already downloaded premium WordPress themes on his desktop. From here, he selects a particular theme. One of the folders has the theme, while others are only plugins. The theme is then installed from location. After looking at the theme, the user notices that it is old. Therefore he presses a button to customise the same. The next step is to install the e panel, which is explained by the user. Tools are then imported, to check if the theme is working fine. After this, installation of plugins from desktop is shown. Finally e panelsetting are replaced with sample data values.